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I am a research scientist in Responsible AI, working on fairness and experimentation topics. I am also interested in causal inference and interpretability. I received my PhD in Statistics from Cornell University, where I was advised by Giles Hooker and Martin Wells, with Thorsten Joachims and Rich Caruana on my committee. I co-founded the Trustworthy ML Initiative.

Previously, I studied at Berkeley and Columbia, and worked in public policy in NYC, including the health department and public hospitals system. I was also a Data Science for Social Good fellow. I was fortunate to spend summers at Microsoft Research, working with Rich Caruana, Kori Inkpen, and Ece Kamar. Towards the end of my PhD studies, I was a visiting student and bioinformatics programmer at UCSF medical school.


I’m currently based in Seattle. You can reach me at


  • 1/23: Have a new preprint coming out on “Error Discovery By Clustering Influence Embeddings”, with Fulton Wang, Julius Adebayo, Diego Garcia-Olano, and Narine Kokhlikyan. It was fun to work on comparing influence embeddings and CLIP embeddings on different neural net architectures. We are excited to share our preprint soon!
  • 1/23: I have been elected president of the Women in Machine Learning organization (WiML).
  • 1/23: I will be the Tutorial Chair for FAccT 2023.
  • 9/21: I will be the Diversity & Inclusion Chair for AISTATS 2022.
  • 6/21: I will be a discussant at the International Seminar on Selective Inference. Looking forward to discussing model distillation!
  • 2/21: The gradient boosted tree distance we propose in this paper has gotten some interest. Here is some code that illustrates how to calculate it.
  • 10/19: I gave a talk at Data & Society’s Meeting on Fair ML in Health about risk scoring models in healthcare.
  • 7/19: I had a blast helping out with UCSF’s AI4ALL program! I presented on dataset bias and helped mentor a project team using electronic medical records to predict opioid overdose and other conditions.
  • 4/19: I will be giving a talk at Columbia’s Data Science Institute in the Data for Good seminar series.
  • 3/19: I’m excited to help teach the new ML for biomedicine course at UCSF. This is perhaps the first official ML course at UCSF and I’m looking forward to teaching again!
  • 12/18: I’m co-organizing a workshop at ICLR 2019 on Debugging ML models. Submit your paper or demo!
  • 6/18: Honored to receive a Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant.
  • 6/17: Grateful to receive the American Statistical Association Wray Jackson Smith Award
  • 3/17: My project evaluating the impact of later school start times in NYC public schools has received an Engaged Cornell grant. You can read more about it here and here.

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  • I played piano and (bad) ukulele in an Indian fusion carnatic band. We have some videos here