WiML 2016 Accepted Posters

Konstantina Christakopoulou, Filip Radlinski and Katja Hofmann. Towards Conversational Recommender Systems. Contributed Talk
Madalina Fiterau. Learning representations from time series data through contextualized LSTMs. Contributed Talk
Sara Magliacane, Tom Claassen and Joris Mooij. Ancestral Causal Inference. Contributed Talk
Maithra Raghu, Ben Poole, Jon Kleinberg, Surya Ganguli and Jascha Sohl-D ickstein. On the expressive power of deep neural networks. Contributed Talk
Amy Zhang, Xianming Liu, Tobias Tiecke and Andreas Gros. Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Estimate Population Density from High Resolution Satellite Images. Contributed Talk
Qinyi Zhang, Sarah Filippi, Arthur Gretton and Dino Sejdinovic. Large-Scale Kernel Methods for Independence Testing
Anjali Silva, Steven Rothstein and Sanjeena Dang. Model selection for clustered high-throughput genomic data via Poisson mixture models
Samira Ebrahimi Kahou, Vincent Michalski, Roland Memisevic and Christopher Pal. RATM: Recurrent Attentive Tracking Model
M. Julia Flores, R. Martin Krug and Javier Lara Valtueña. Supervised Classification to mate-in-one exercises aimed at chess training for beginners
Rūta Užupytė and Tomas Krilavičius. A clustering approach to electricity consumption profiles using smart meters data
Anastasia Podosinnikova, Francis Bach and Simon Lacoste-Julien. Beyond CCA: Moment Matching for Multi-View Models
Laura Morán-Fernández. A distributed feature selection method based on data complexity measures
Veronica Bolon Canedo. Beyond feature selection: an approach for reducing the cost of the features
Soukayna Mouatadid and Jan Adamowski. Forecasting short-term urban water demand using extreme learning machines
Elena Erdmann and Kristian Kersting. Topic Classification by Human Machine-Learning Interaction
Danielle Belgrave, Raquel Granell, John Guiver, Christopher Bishop and Iain Buchan. A Bayesian machine learning approach to latent variable modelling to accelerate endotype discovery
Lucy Yin, Jennifer Andrews and Thomas Heaton. Bayesian Approach to Real-time Earthquake Detection
Alexandra Gessner, Michael Osborne, Roman Garnett and Philipp Hennig. Fast Bayesian Quadrature with exact DPP sampling
Lidia Contreras-Ochando and Cesar Ferri. Wind-sensitive interpolation of urban air pollution forecasts
Míriam Bellver, Xavier Giró I Nieto and Ferran Marqués. Efficient search of objects in images using deep reinforcement learning
Beyza Ermis and Taylan Cemgil. Differentially Private MCMC Algorithms for Distributed Matrix Factorization
Claire Vernade, Paul Lagrée and Olivier Cappé. Multiple-Play Bandits in the Position-Based Model
Cynthia Rush and Ramji Venkataramanan. Finite Sample Analysis of Approximate Message Passing
Maria-Florina Balcan, Ellen Vitercik and Colin White. Learning Combinatorial Functions from Pairwise Comparisons
Leila Wehbe, Anwar Nunez-Elizalde, Alex Huth, Fatma Imamoglu, Natalia Bilenko and Jack Gallant. Deep multi-view representation learning of brain responses to natural stimuli
Yi Zhao and Xi Luo. Pathway Lasso: Estimate and Select Mediation Pathways with High Dimensional Mediators
Yijun Zhao, Bilal Ahmed, Thomas Thesen, Karen Blackmon, Jennifer Dy and Carla E. Brodley. A Non-parametric Approach to Detect Epileptogenic Lesions using Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Shao-Yuan Li, Yuan Jiang and Zhi-Hua Zhou. Partial Multi-View Clustering
Anusua Trivedi. Re-Usability of Deep Learning Models - Transfer Learning and Fine-tuning across different domains
Jörg Bornschein, Samira Shabanian, Asja Fischer and Yoshua Bengio. Bidirectional Helmholtz Machines
Seong-Eun Moon and Jong-Seok Lee. Machine learning for brain imaging under perceptual experience of multimedia content
Jane Hung, Deepali Ravel, Matthias Marti and Anne Carpenter. Identifying Infected Blood Cells using R-CNN-based Object Detection
Corina Dima. On the Compositionality and Semantic Interpretation of English Noun Compounds
Wacha Bounliphone. A Test of Relative Similarity for Model Selection in Generative Models
Luana Bulat, Douwe Kiela and Stephen Clark. Vision and feature norms: inferring attributes of words from images using cross-modal maps
Zelda Mariet and Suvrit Sra. Kronecker Determinantal Point Processes
Maja Rudolph and David Blei. Exponential Family Embeddings
Liran Szlak, Ohad Shamir and Jonathan Rosenski. Multi-Player Bandits - a Musical Chairs Approach
Jiaqian Yu and Matthew Blaschko. Efficient Learning for Discriminative Segmentation with Supermodular Losses
Ekaterina Kochmar. Assessment of Lexical Knowledge Acquisition by Non-Native Speakers of English
Ariel Herbert-Voss, Gregory A Ciccarelli, Thomas F Quatieri and Christopher J Smalt. A biologically-informed deep learning approach to speech signal processing
Remi Munos, Tom Stepleton, Anna Harutyunyan and Marc Bellemare. Safe and Efficient Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
Tatiana Shpakova and Francis Bach. Parameter Learning for Log-supermodular Distributions
Swabha Swayamdipta, Miguel Ballesteros, Chris Dyer and Noah A. Smith. Multi-Task Learning for Incremental Parsing using Stack LSTMs
Fariba Yousefi, Zhenwen Dai, Carl Henrik Ek and Neil Lawrence. Unsupervised Learning with Imbalanced Data via Structure Consolidation Latent Variable Model
Aijan Ibraimova, Michael Figurnov, Dmitry Vetrov and Pushmeet Kohli. Combination of methods for acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks
Anna Bethke, Alexander Gude, Tiffany Jaya and Abhinav Ganesh. Hermes: A Modular Recommender System Framework
Ji Hyun Bak, Jung Yoon Choi, Athena Akrami, Ilana Witten and Jonathan Pillow. Adaptive optimal training of animal behavior
Christina Lee, Yihua Li, Devavrat Shah and Dogyoon Song. Blind Regression: Nonparametric Regression for Latent Variable Models via Collaborative Filtering
Nidhi Gupta, Ayan Seal, Pushpraj Bhatele and Pritee Khanna. Selective Block Based Approach for Neoplasm Detection from T2-Weighted Brain MRIs
Kristina Preuer, Günter Klambauer and Sepp Hochreiter. Deep Learning for predicting synergy effects of drug combinations
Mariella Dimiccoli, Haoyi Xu and Petia Radeva. A cognitive-based model for event segmentation
Gintare Karolina Dziugaite, Daniel Roy and Zoubin Ghahramani. Neural Network Matrix Factorization
Bowei Yan and Purnamrita Sarkar. Convex Relaxation for Community Detection with Covariates
Lydia Liu, Urun Dogan and Katja Hofmann. Decoding multitask DQN in the world of Minecraft
Jessica Hamrick and Thomas Griffiths. Metareasoning and mental simulation
Manasi Vartak. ModelDB: A System for Machine Learning Model Management
Huihui Fan, Finale Doshi-Velez and Luke Miratrix. Promoting Domain-Specific Terms in Topic Models with Informative Priors
Jessica Verena Schulze. Functionally Informed Priors in a Bayesian Machine Learning Approach to Neuronal Connectivity Inference
Zita Marinho, Shay B. Cohen, Andre F. T. Martins and Noah A. Smith. Semi-Supervised Learning of Sequence Models with the Method of Moments
Diane Bouchacourt, M. Pawan Kumar and Sebastian Nowozin. DISCO Nets : DISsimilarity COefficient Networks
Alejandrina Cristia and Emmanuel Dupoux. Learnability Differences in Child- versus Adult-Directed Speech: The Case of Unsupervised Pattern Discovery
Agnieszka Słowik. Analysis of projections defining probability distributions in random neural networks
Christina Heinze-Deml, Brian McWilliams and Nicolai Meinshausen. Preserving Differential Privacy Between Features in Distributed Estimation
Anastasia Ushakova and Slava Mikhaylov. Predicting energy customer vulnerability using smart meters data: a survey of methods and results.
Imaculate Mosha. Dynamic Convex Hull Self Organising Map for the Travelling Salesman Problem.
Baharan Mirzasoleiman, Morteza Zadimoghaddam and Amin Karbasi. Fast Distributed Submodular Cover: Public-Private Data Summarization
Eleni Triantafillou, Jamie Ryan Kiros, Raquel Urtasun and Richard Zemel. Towards Generalizable Sentence Embeddings
Barbara Plank. The side benefit of behavior: using keystroke dynamics to inform Natural Language Processing
Setareh Ariafar, Alican Bozkurt, Kivanc Kose, Junxiang Chen, Dana Brooks, Milind Rajadhyaksha and Jennifer Dy. Network-SVM: Support Vector Machine for Network Data
Maria Herrero. Machine Learning in Pharmaceutical Science
Saerom Park, Jaewook Lee, Kyoungok Kim and Huisu Jang. Semi-supervised document embedding adjusting local structure for sentiment analysis
Delia Fernandez-Canellas, Victor Campos, Xavier Giró Nieto, Brendan Jou and Shih-Fu Chang. Is a “happy dog” image more “happy” than “dog”? - Analyzing Adjective and Noun Visual Contributions
Maria Carmela Padula, Elisa Scariati, Marie Schaer, Maude Schneider, Dimitri Van De Ville and Stephan Eliez. Predicting psychotic symptoms from DTI-based structural connectivity in patients with 22q11DS
Natasha Jaques, Shane Gu, Richard Turner and Douglas Eck. Generating Music by Fine Tuning Recurrent Neural Networks with Reinforcement Learning
Jauwairia Nasir, Yong-Ho Yoo, Deok-Hwa Kim and Jong-Hwan Kim. User preference-based Integrated Multi-memory Neural Model for Improving the Cognitive Abilities of Autonomous Robots
Angie Shen, Benjamin Goldstein and Rebecca Steorts. Dynamic Risk Prediction Models Used for Patient Deterioration
Ciara Pike-Burke. Optimistic Planning for the Stochastic Knapsack Problem
Andrea Barraza. Exploitation-Exploration Aware Diversification for Recommendation Systems
Viktoriya Krakovna and Finale Doshi-Velez. Increasing the Interpretability of Recurrent Neural Networks Using Hidden Markov Models
Xiaoyu Lu, Hyunjik Kim, Seth Flaxman and Yee Whye Teh. Tucker Gaussian Process for Regression and Collaborative Filtering
Marina Riabiz and Simon Godsill. Inference for CAR(p) α-Stable Stochastic Processes via Poisson Series Approaches
Roberta de Vito, Giovanni Parmigiani and Barbara Engelhardt. Bayesian Multi-study Factor Analysis in High-dimensional Biological Data
Clara Higuera Cabañes, Katheleen J. Gardiner and Krzysztof J. Cios. Self Organizing Maps based approach for the identification of protein patterns related to learning and memory in control and mouse models of Down syndrome
Beatriz Remeseiro. On the effectiveness of feature selection in human tear film classification
Yousra Bekhti, Daniel Strohmeier, Mainak Jas, Roland Badeau and Alexandre Gramfort. M/EEG source localization with multi-scale time-frequency dictionaries
Omotola Dawodu. Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Vehicle Performance
Lamiae Azizi. High dimensional spatio-temporal modelling for Brain cell types.
Mihaela Porumb. Automatic extraction of relations between medical concepts in clinical documents Text Mining
Alyssa Frazee. Fighting Credit Card Fraud with Machine Learning
Golnoosh Farnadi. User-Generated Content Data Fusion Framework Using Hinge-Loss Markov Random Fields
Brenda Betancourt, Daniele Durante and Rebecca Steorts. Random Shades of Colors: Multilayer clustering and community detection in networks
Shuai Li, Baoxiang Wang, Shengyu Zhang and Wei Chen. Contextual Combinatorial Cascading Bandits
Chelsea Finn and Sergey Levine. Deep Visual Foresight for Planning Robot Motion
Serena Yeung. Learning policies for training visual classifiers from noisy web data
Elena Baralis, Tania Cerquitelli, Silvia Chiusano and Evelina Di Corso. Towards Self-Learning Data Transformation
Gundula Povysil, Djork-Arné Clevert and Sepp Hochreiter. HapRFN: a deep learning method for identifying short IBD segments
Gulce Kale and Oznur Tastan. Early Diagnosis of Cancer from Volatile Organic Compounds
Sakinat Folorunso and Adesesan Adeyemo. Alleviating Classification Problem of Imbalanced Dataset
Mina Rezaei, Haojin Yang and Christoph Meinel. Brain tumor detection by deep convolutional neural network
Duygu Ozcelik and Oznur Tastan. A Weakly Supervised Clustering Method for Cancer Subgroup Identification
Stephanie Hyland and Gunnar Ratsch. Learning unitary operators with help from u(n)
Vanessa Gómez-Verdejo, Sergio Muñoz-Romero and Jerónimo Arenas-García. Regularized Multivariate Analysis Framework for Interpretable High-Dimensional Variable Selection
Farah Colchester, Heloise Marais, Patrick Thomson and David Clifton. Early warning prediction system for handpump failure
Iwona Sobieraj. Acoustic Event Detection in Real-life environments
Wiebke Koepp, Sebastian Urban and Patrick van der Smagt. A Novel Transfer Function for Continuous Interpolation between Summation and Multiplication in Neural Networks
Niranjani Prasad, Barbara Engelhardt, Li-Fang Cheng, Corey Chivers, Michael Draugelis and Kai Li. A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Weaning of Mechanical Ventilation in ICU
Nicole Mücke and Gilles Blanchard. Convergence rates of spectral methods for statistical inverse learning problems
Maria Francesca and David Gregg. Computing Convolution and Activation in the Frequency Domain
Anastasia Pentina and Ruth Urner. Lifelong Learning with Weighted Majority Votes
Cecília Nunes, Anders Jonsson, Oscar Camara and Bart Bijnens. A decision tree approach for imprecise data
Allison Chaney, Young-Suk Lee, Olga Troyanskaya, David Blei and Barbara Engelhardt. Generalized Nonparametric Deconvolution Models
Saadia Qamar, Sana Ikram and Mehak Nadeem. Human Computer Interface using EEG/EOG Signals
Yu-Hui Huang, José Oramas, Tinne Tuytelaars and Luc Van Gool. Do Motion Boundaries Improve Semantic Segmentation?
Yucen Luo. Conditional Generative Moment-Matching Networks
Kathryn Zimmerman and David Field. Visualizing the basis of classification in deep neural networks
Nasim Souly and Roozbeh Zabihollahi. Story of life: story-extraction and summarization of personal photo albums using deep learning
Jialian Li. Temporal Conditional Moment Matching Deep Neural Networks
Luisa M Zintgraf, Taco S Cohen, Tameem Adel and Max Welling. Visualizing Deep Neural Network Decisions
Emily Denton. Semi-Supervised Learning with Context-Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Sara Taylor, Natasha Jaques, Ehimwenma Nosakhare, Akane Sano and Rosalind Picard. Multi-task Learning for Predicting Stress, Happiness, and Health
Timnit Gebru, Jonathan Krause, Yilun Wang, Duyun Chen, Jia Deng and Fei-Fei Li. Visual Census: Using Cars to Study People and Society
Michal Moshkovitz and Naftali Tishby. Information-Based Exploration for Reinforcement Learning
Ying Yang, Robert Kass, Michael Tarr and Elissa Aminoff. Understanding neural dynamics of human vision using convolutional neural networks
Clarissa Valim, Rushdy Ahmad, Miguel Lanaspa, Yan Tan, Sozinho Acacio, Michael Gillette, Katherine Almendinger, Danny Milner, Lola Madrid, Karell Pelle, Jaroslaw Harezlak, Jacob Silterra, Pedro Alonso, Steven Carr, Jill Mesirov, Dyann Wirth, Roger Wiegand and Quique Bassat. Biomarker signatures based on blood proteins distinguish bacterial, virus,and malaria etiology of pediatric clinical pneumonia
Marcela Mendoza, Jeffrey Mckinstry, Arnon Amir and Dharmendra Modha. Real-Time Gesture Localization and Classification Using Cognitive-Inspired Hardware
Putu Ayu Sudyanti, Vinayak Rao and Hyonho Chun. Estimating Contamination Rates and Detection of Somatic Mutations in Paired Tumor and Normal NGS Data via Bayesian Nonparametrics
Jennifer Wei, David Duvenaud and Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Convolutional networks for organic chemistry reaction prediction
Negar Ghourchian, Michel Allegue and Doina Precup. Semi-supervised Approach for Passive Indoor Localization using Wifi Signals
Tamara Louie. Near-Real-Time Influenza Prediction using Dynamically Recalibrated AutoRegressive Electronic health record Support Vector Machine (ARES) Models
Bianca Dumitrascu, Roberta de Vito, Christopher Brown and Barbara Engelhardt. A meta tissue nonparametric factor analysis model for gene co-expression under structured and unstructured noise
Shabnam Tafreshi and Mona Diab. Classifying Emotions in Sentence-level Text Using Tree Kernel with Syntactic and Semantic Features in Multi-Genre Corpus
Coline Devin, Abhishek Gupta, Sergey Levine, Trevor Darrell and Pieter Abbeel. Modular Networks for Multi-Task Multi-Robot Transfer
Konstantina Palla, François Caron and Yee Whye Teh. Bayesian nonparametrics for Sparse Dynamic Networks
Amal Rannen Triki and Matthew B. Blaschko. Stochastic Function Norm Regularization of Deep Networks
Kurt Bollacker, Natalia Díaz Rodríguez and Xian Li. Beyond Clothing Ontologies: Modeling Fashion with Subjective Influence Networks
Tsui-Wei Weng, Daniele Melati, Andrea Melloni and Luca Daniel. Non-Gaussian Correlated Process Variations in Integrated Photonics
Victoria Dean, Andrew Delong and Brendan Frey. Deep Learning for Branch Point Selection in RNA Splicing
Sabina Tomkins, Anbang Xu, Yufan Guo and Zhe Liu. Discovering Dialog Acts on Social Media: A Generative Framework
Navya Nizamkari. A Graph-based Trust-enhanced Recommender System for Service Selection in IOT
Ana Marasovic and Anette Frank. Fine-grained opinion mining with an end-to-end neural model
Carrie Segal. Minimal Connectivity Graph for Hardware Artificial Neural Networks
Cristina Segalin, Dong Seon Cheng and Marco Cristani. Social Profiling through Image Understanding: Personality Inference using Convolutional Neural Networks
James Bedell, Ayush Jaiswal and Elizabeth Staruk. Generating Song Lyrics with Style
Deeptha Girish, Vineeta Singh and Anca Ralescu. Determining the cluster number in the K-means algorithm
Ruoxi Sun. Variational inference for super resolution microscopy
Diana Borsa, Thore Graepel and John Shawe-Taylor. Learning Option-like Features through Multi-task Value Functions
Lea Frermann. A Bayesian Model of Joint Category and Feature Learning
Koushiki Bose, Wen-Xin Zhou, Jianqing Fan and Han Liu. Finite Sample Properties of Robust M-Estimation with Applications to Covariate-Adjusted Large-Scale Multiple Testing
Ramya Korlakai Vinayak and Babak Hassibi. Crowdsourced Clustering: Querying Edges vs Triangles
Marta Kryven and William Cowan. Semi-Automated Classification of Free-form Participant Comments
Junli Gu, Yibing Liu, Yuan Gao and Maohua Zhu. OpenCL caffe: Accelerating and enabling a cross platform machine learning framework
Kelsey Allen, Luke Hewitt, Jiajun Wu and Josh Tenenbaum. Analysis by synthesis for speech recognition
Ronghui Yan, Cheng Wu and Yiming Wang. Exploration and Evaluation Driving Fatigue for High-speed Train: A Parametric SVM Model Based on Multidimensional Visual Cue
Yoshua Bengio, Anirudh Goyal and Nan Rosemary Ke. The Variational Walk Back Algorithm
Tegan Maharaj and Christopher Pal. Fill-in-the-blank QA for large-scale movie dataset understanding
Lisa Anne Hendricks, Zeynep Akata, Marcus Rohrbach, Jeff Donahue, Bernt Schiele and Trevor Darrell. Generating Visual Explanations
Elaheh Momeni and Reza Rawassizadeh. Multimodal Prediction of Individual Mood
Rachita Chhaparia, Deepanshu Gupta and Amitabha Mukerjee. Creating Sense Vectors through Cross-lingual Data
Olga Slizovskaia, Emilia Gomez and Gloria Haro. Automatic musical instrument recognition in audiovisual recordings by combining image and audio classification strategies
Luiza Sayfullina and Mark van Heeswijk. Fixing random weight initialization as the form of regularization.
Paula Gonzalez-Navarro, Mohammad Moghadamfalahi, Murat Akcakaya, Melanie Fried-Oken and Deniz Erdogmus. Bayesian Fusion of Feedback Related Potentials, Event Related Potentials, and Language Models for EEG Based Typing Systems
Daniela Mazza, Angel Juan and Laura Calvet. Urban Mobile Cloud Computing: using learnheuristics for optimizing wireless communication in Smart Cities
Alina Selega, Christel Sirocchi, Ira Iosub, Sander Granneman and Guido Sanguinetti. Robust statistical modeling greatly improves sensitivity of high-throughput RNA structure probing experiments
Corina Gurau, Chi Hay Tong and Ingmar Posner. Predicting Robot Performance based on Past Experience
Jessa Bekker, Arthur Choi and Guy Van den Broeck. Learning the Structure of Probabilistic SDDs
Eyrun Eyjolfsdottir, Kristin Branson, Yisong Yue and Pietro Perona. Learning recurrent representations for dynamic behavior modeling
Musfira Jilani, Padraig Corcoran and Michela Bertolotto. Structured and Unstructured Machine Learning for Crowdsourced Spatial Data
Julia Olkhovskaya and Vladimir V’yugin. Fixed-Share for specialized experts
Evangelia Christakopoulou and George Karypis. Local Item-Item Models For Top-N Recommendation
Judy Hoffman, Eric Tzeng, Kate Saenko and Trevor Darrell. Domain Confusion for Unsupervised Adaptation of Deep Visual Recognition Models
Samaneh Khoshrou and Jaime S. Cardoso. Towards Never-Ending Learning from Evolving Video Streams
Jing Yuan, Andreas Lommatzsch and Sahin Albayrak. Contextual Factors Involvement for Score Modeling under LambdaRank in Recommender Systems
Sabrina Rossberger, Carsten Haubold and Heike Boehm. Automated segmentation, tracking and quantitative image analyses of collective cellular migration
Jovana Mitrovic, Dino Sejdinovic and Yee Whye Teh. Disentangling the Factors of Variation at Initialization In Neural Networks
Melanie Fernandez Pradier and Fernando Perez-Cruz. Case-Control Indian Buffet Process for Biomarker Discovery in Clinical Trials
Li-Fang Cheng, Gregory Darnell, Corey Chivers, Michael Draugelis, Kai Li and Barbara Engelhardt. MedGP: A Sparse Gaussian Process Framework for Multi-Covariate Medical Time-Series Analysis
Genna Gliner, Yoson Park, Christopher Brown and Barbara Engelhardt. Identifying regulatory variants in large-scale genetic expression studies with zero-inflated Poisson linear models
Tania Lorido Botran. Anomaly detection in Virtual Machine performance with Dirichlet Process Gaussian Mixture Models
Azam Hamidinekoo, Erika R.E. Denton and Reyer Zwiggelaar. Breast Cancer Prediction and Phenotyping based on Mammographic and Histologic Data
Corina Florescu and Cornelia Caragea. An Unsupervised Algorithm for Keyphrase Extraction
Ruth C. Fong, Walter J. Scheirer and David D. Cox. Using human brain activity to guide machine learning
Ashwini Tonge and Cornelia Caragea. DeepPrivate: Accurate Prediction of Images’ Privacy on the Web
Maria Panteli. Automatic tagging in world music collections
Laura Florescu and Will Perkins. Spectral thresholds in the bipartite stochastic block model
Aline Villavicencio, Silvio Cordeiro, Carlos Ramisch and Marco Idiart. Identifying Idiomatic Language with Distributional Semantic Models
Victoria Ashley Villar. Estimating Supernova Metallicities Using Neural Networks
Julia Spinelli. Discovering Groups of Brains with Similar Spatial Patterns of Correlated Regions
Andrea Yanez. Decision Support System for Pandemic Management
Maja Svanberg. A multi-class approach for categorizing blocks-programming projects
Ellyn Ayton and Svitlana Volkova. Predicting Influenza Dynamics with Neural Networks Using Signals from Social Media
Hannah Rashkin, Yejin Choi and Svitlana Volkova. Forecasting Event-Driven Connotation Dynamics and Classifying Event Types on Twitter with LSTMs
Reyhane Askari Hemmat and Abdelhakim Hafid. An Unbalanced Classification Problem: SLA Violation Prediction
Minyoung Kim, Stefano Alletto and Luca Rigazio. Similarity Mapping with Enhanced Siamese Network for Multi-Object Tracking
Patricia Ordóñez and Abiel Roche-Lima. Classification of Physiological Data for Intelligent Decision-aid Tools for Intensive Care Units
Maryamossadat Aghili and Ruogu Fang. Towards High-Throughput Abnormal Brain Screening in MRI Images
Spandana Gella and Margaret Mitchell. Residual Multiple Instance Learning for Visually Impaired Image Descriptions
Subarna Tripathi, Zachary C Lipton, Serge Belongie and Truong Nguyen. Context Matters: Refining Object Detection in Video with Recurrent Neural Networks
Eliana Lorch. Spectral Decomposition of Deep Network Optimization Trajectories
Sandy Huang, David Held, Pieter Abbeel and Anca Dragan. Enabling Robots to Communicate what They've Learned
Yao Qin, Dongjin Song, Haifeng Chen, Geoff Jiang and Garrison Cottrell. Attention-based Recurrent Neural Network for Time Series Prediction
Lina Lin, Mathias Drton and Ali Shojaie. Estimation of high-dimensional graphical models using regularized score matching
Yulia Rubanova, Jeff Wintersinger, Amit Deshwar, Nil Sahin and Quaid Morris. Topic modelling through time to track tumour evolution
Sindhu Ghanta, Jennifer Dy, Kivanc Kose, Dana Brooks, Milind Rajadhyaksha and Michael Jordan. A Generative Latent Space and Shape Model for 3D Segmentation of the Dermis/Epidermis in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images
Vidhya Murali. Music Beyond Genres
Nadia M. Ady and Patrick M. Pilarski. Domains for Investigating Curious Behaviour in Reinforcement Learning Agents
Smitha Milli, Falk Lieder and Tom Griffiths. Optimal Cognitive Systems for Bounded-Rational Metareasoning
Erika Strandberg, Catherine Ross, Natalie Pageler and Mohsen Bayati. A new pediatric early warning score: predicting rare events using medical record data in real time.
Lisa Wang, Angela Sy, Larry Liu and Chris Piech. What Will You Code Next? Deep Knowledge Tracing on Open-Ended Exercises
Erin Ledell. Scalable Ensemble Learning with H2O Ensemble
Jianghong Shi, Eric Shea-Brown and Michael A. Buice. Comparing Representations between Mouse Visual Cortex and Deep Neural Networks
Yali Wan and Marina Meila. Model free recovery guarantees in community detection
Cheng Zhi Huang. Music Autofill
Nafisa Sharif. A Bayesian Optimisation Model for Activity Prediction in Drug Design
Yuanyuan Pao, James Murphy and Asif Haque. Estimation and Prediction for Vehicle Locations, Trajectories, and Travel Times
Samaneh Azadi, Jiashi Feng, Stefanie Jegelka and Trevor Darrell. Auxiliary Image Regularization For Deep CNNs With Noisy Labels
Dianhuan Lin, Eyal Dechter, Kevin Ellis, Joshua Tenenbaum and Stephen Muggleton. Bias reformulation for one-shot function induction
Mariya Vasileva, David Forsyth and Svetlana Lazebnik. What Makes a Meadow “Lush”? MRF-Augmented Generative Networks for Synthesizing Natural Scene Images with Desired Transient Attributes